Esat Ekincioglu (Istanbul, 1990) is a Turkish bass player, improviser, composer and manager based in Groningen, the Netherlands. A versatile and in-demand bass player, Esat spends much of the year on the road, playing throughout Europe, the Near East and China. Notable concerts include ZomerJazzFietsTour, Shanghai World Music Festival, Bimhuis, Rockit Festival, Jazzfestival Saalfelden, Cully Jazz Fest, Babel Sound Festival, and many more. 

Apart from his successful bands KUHN FU and AVA Trio and newly premiered quartet Turkish Pumpkin, Esat likes to play in duos where he explores unknown areas of double bass playing, improvisation and microtonal music.

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Turkish Pumpkin improvises Near-Eastern wedding and funeral music. The band conjures trances and chants about lovers, heroes; in grief and joy. The band consists of Groningen-based improvisers who try to establish and represent the unique sound and approach of Groningen. The band premiered at No Musician’s Land Exhibition by Marina Abrahamovic Institue 2020 and Zomer Jazz Fiets Tour 2020.

Gabija Bartulyte (s, cl) | Koen Boeinga (woodwinds) Esat Ekincioglu (bandleader, b)

KUHN FU (formed in 2012) is dedicated to Christian Kuhn’s strange take on composition and improvisation. Songs can shift direction many times within a short section and without noticing you are in a digging voodoo groove that lasts forever. The band  has performed over 200 shows in 24 countries, in many of the leading venues and festivals in Europe. Their third album, Chain The Snake, is out on Bethold Records Spring 2019.

Christian Kühn (g) | Ziv Taubenfeld (bcl) |                     Esat Ekincioglu (b) | George Hadow (d) 

Founded in 2015 in Groningen, the Netherlands, AVA Trio navigating through rich and diverse sonic surroundings of the Mediterranean, under the erudite and virtuosic guidance of Doronzo, Ekincioglu, and Basile . Their destinations need no justification; their music is timeless. With two critically acclaimed albums, AVA Trio continues touring extensively across Europe and China.

Giuseppe Doronzo ( | Pino Basile (perc) |                 Esat Ekincioglu (b)


Hymns and hits instantly composed on the spot since 2014. Featuring Renske de Boer on lyrics and vocals. 

Stories from the fairytale world, written and arranged by vocalist Helene Richter, are colored with the various sounds of bass clarinet & flute, viola, cello  and double bass. 

with Helene Richter (v) | Melisa Delgado (va) | Myrthe Boshart (vc) | Yasar Kan (s, bcl)




Esat loves playing in duo settings. Two musicians really get to know each other  through intimate explorations. Recent collaborations include amazing musicians from across the world  : Tomchess (USA) | Berke Can Özcan (TR) | Steven Kamperman (NL) | Sanem Kalfa (TR/NL) | Yanna Pelser (NL) | Anahita Malakooti (IR) | Aleksandar Skoric (SRB) | Fatime Songoro (HU) | Marena Whitcher (CH) | Lennart Smidt (DE) | Toms Mikals (LT)




26 | 05 | 21  Balkonscenes: The Million Jays & HALA     Limbo Studios – De Biotoop Haren / NL

02 | 06 | 21  Balkonscenes: Farbenfroh                            Limbo Studios – De Biotoop Haren / NL 

03 | 06 | 21  Balkonscenes: Farbenfroh                            RKZ H-Tuin  – Groningen / NL

05 | 06 | 21  Balkonscenes: Farbenfroh                            De Nijverheid – Utrecht/NL

06 | 06 | 21  Balkonscenes: Farbenfroh                            De Roode Haan – Westeremden/NL

03 | 07 | 21   Austeja Zviblyte Quintet                                Jazz in Feerwerd – Groningen/NL

30 | 07 | 21   KUHN FU                                                           Varna Jazz Festival – Varna/BG

14 | 08 | 21    Balkonscenes: KUHN FU                               OZOLand Festival – Neeritter/NL

20 | 08 | 21    KUHN FU Sextet                                              Jazzfestival Saalfelden – Saalfelden/AT

08 | 10 | 21    KUHN FU                                                          Musikbunker – Aachen/DE

 11 | 10 | 21     KUHN FU                                                           Jazzdock – Prague/CZ

13 | 10 | 21     KUHN FU                                                           Peter und der Jazz – Rostock/DE

15 | 10 | 21     KUHN FU                                                           Jazzklub Altenburg – Altenburg/DE

16 | 10 | 21     KUHN FU                                                          Stadtkirche – Göppingen/DE

06 | 11 | 21     AVA Trio                                                             Wendlandjazz – Wendland/DE

13 | 11 | 21      AVA Trio                                                             Rockit Festival – Groningen/NL


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